20th Jun 2024

The Browser Conference

A free, online conference, diving into the details of working with libraries such as Puppeteer, Playwright and Selenium.

The talks will be live streaming from 11AM EST on June 20th, with replays available for all registered attendees. 

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The Browser Conference

Learn from amazing companies like these

Discover what's new and recommended for browser automations

Whether it's testing, data extraction, PDF generation or other automations, using scripts with browsers has become a key part of many stacks.

That's why Browserless is proud to host another edition of The Browser Conference.

We've gathered expert speakers from companies such as Google, Sauce Labs and Selenium to speak about the latest in browser automation. Talks include:

  • Next gen protocols with WebDriver BiDi

  • Overcoming blocks in large-scale scraping

  • Creating AI agents that can access websites

  • Using AI to speed up test development

So register for a free ticket and come join us on June 20th.

A free community event

We want this event to be free for the community, to build the pool of knowledge about working with these technologies.

It is why we are gathering speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, and will make the replays available for any registered attendee.

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Organized by Browserless.io

The Browser Conference is organized by Browserless.io.

Browserless offers a pool of hosted browsers, ready to use with Puppeteer or Playwright. They are fully managed, so there's no need to mess around with memory leaks, worker sizes or version updates.

Grab a trial if you want to connect to ready-to-use concurrent browsers.

Visit Browserless.io

If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please email [email protected].


Take a look at the exciting agenda we have planned for you.